Anonymous asked:
Hi guys! Some time ago I saw a group of fans who call themselves names of their favourite idols. So they go like introducing themselves with "Hi I'm Eunhyuk/Jongup/Myungsoo [sometimes they put their real name too]" and also sometimes they change their facebook name to "[insert first name] Key [insert surname]". Could you explain any reasoning behind that? Because it looks completely insane to me.

Oh we have seen this so many times, it’s a weird thing seeing them have their biases name inserted into their Facebook user name, we believe it’s something to do with the fact they believe they own the idol, or proving that that idol is their favourite and thus is allowed to prove it by having ‘ownership’ over them! 

Anonymous asked:
Well...I would like to put out something from the perspective of a Kpop fan. This is based on my opinion, so don't judge others. Yes. There are crazy Kpop fans but we call them Sasaeng fans and they are NOT the same as a kpop fan. I, as a kpop fan, may say I'm married to one of them and YES I know it's only dreaming but I'm young. Let me dream. And we only know so much about our idols because we are closer to them than other people are to american celebrities. I can't write more now xD keke~

we respect that, we are just showing the crazy side of the KPOP fandoms, we do respect that they ARE sane fans out there and we prefer hearing from sane fans not the crazy ones who hurl abuse at us for writing about something which has happened in the past. 

Anonymous asked:
I like kpop and American music and your article is very biased because you are mostly writing about netizen or sasaeng fans ( live or die fans) when like in every music genre there are fans like this.

yes, we know but as you can probably see we focus on KPOP fans not american music fans, however we see links between KPOP and some of the mainstream produced bands which are popular

Anonymous asked:
Don't you think crazy kpop fans are a little bit like hooligans? I see some kind of a need for a community which is ruled in some order, a need to release their frustration in violent manner... I'm very interested in this theme in relation to my studies however kpop fandom is only starting in my country so I lack local experience. The only kpop fans I know personally seem to be completely normal people who doesn't appear to care for their idols personal lives that much.

Yes, a lot of KPOP fans are like hooligans, they are crazy sometimes and even more so when they are seeing them live, we have seen so many videos and heard stories of the things which they do. You should look into the fan videos, some fans will abuse their peers to get closer (aka making out they are the bigger and better fan) it’s weird

Anonymous asked:
just out of curiosity, are you only researching the bad behaviours of the kpop fandom because everything seems so negative

No we research a lot more, however most of the things we are given are negative.

Anonymous asked:
I'm a girl but seems some kpop fans annoyed me they are being narrow-minded and being annoying sometimes I've been into a fight in a kpop fan seems they are being narrow-minded and perfectionist sometimes idk what to do Give me an advice ?

Well to be honest, a KPOP fan who is willing to argue with you about how perfect their idols are, our advice is just to let them rant, ignore their stupid ‘idol rants’ and give them pure fact, KPOP isn’t the best thing on earth, that KPOP is just music, what ever happened to admiring the music more than who is in the group themselves. Back in the day when music was music not dancing and prancing around all the time!

KPOP fans don’t back down from a argument either, so just let them go off on one, be the mature one of the set of fans. Alot of fans are narrow minded and most of the time naive! Just don’t give them what they want aka a argument or something which you know you can’t defend (this sounds like we are going to war with them but most of the time with Kpop fans it is!)

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