Anti Fans.. “lets Kill off Idols”

Here is probably another sick example of fans / anti fans pushing it too far. This time it’s about the attempts to kill off idols. Yes becoming a murderer and getting sentenced to prison because you don’t like one man? Well..

Yunho from Homin (before that DBSK) said “A long time ago, I was terrorized by a drink. Someone gave me a drink with a poisonous substance in it, and I thought ‘why did it have to be me? I don’t even know that person why did I have to be terrorized? at that age, the incident was something bigger than what I could handle. Even though I can laugh and talk about it now, I was truly afraid of people then’

So fans are not afraid to kill off some one? Because of the hate they bare for a certain idol? Do they not think of the family who’s child they are trying to kill off? Whos sick mind thought ‘i know i’ll just kill off Yunho’ Heechul ranted about this on his cyworld saying they were rotten and insane. I wonder if they were an ELF were they pleased they got the attention of Kim Heechul? I bet their sick heads were happy.

Another poison attempted was aimed at Hangeng. The ex-Super Junior member from China, he was so given food which had poison in.. Hangeng was given a cake and the fan asked if she could have a photo with him and the cake with her (some trophy for your killing?) The staff rejected it however they took the cake. When they opened the said box with the cake in there was blood and a sharp knife with a photo of hangeng stabbed. The cake was then confirmed to have poison in. Hangeng also had a anti fan who shouted ‘crawl back to china’ later found with acid in his pocket.. another attempt fail? 

I’m sorry but what is the point of killing off idols? You will get sentenced to a life time in prison, ashame your family and make yourself one hated idiot who has brought suffering to a family and friends! 

Posted on July/23/2012
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